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The DART® Approach to Performance Coaching

Coaching in business provides business-related instructions and directions through encouragement and proper guidance. It helps in enhancing the efficiency of the employee and achieves professional growth. It boosts your business performance and sharpens people skills.

Precedo utilise the DART performance coaching method allowing the coach to address potential behavioural and skill development requirements prior to agreeing realistic targets. DART was developed by John Burns Precedo's Training and Development Director after many years of industry experience.

Easy to use this fresh new look at coaching energises from the start actively helping people to reach for and achieve their targets. A simple four stage technique allows people to focus on; what it is they set out to achieve; are they in the right frame of mind to move forward; able to demonstrate the right skills and agree on clear steps to achieve their goal.


Benefits of DART

  • Increased confidence and skill level, increases efficiency and performance
  • Managers directly deal with performance issues
  • More productive performance discussions
  • Enhanced accountability for managers and employees

Delegates benefit from studying a specific coaching model that allows managers/coaches to focus on

  • What is required?
  • Employee behavioural state
  • Skill set of the employee
  • What can be achieved?

This is supported with practical examples and application.