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  • Disengaged Cause Drag: Coach Up or Coach Out

    Welcome to the second of my blogs, this will continue the theme from January with focus on people engagement and what it means for business and business performance.  

    To support the key messages for this month I returned to a company that I have found in the past to provide highly effective research on employee engagement and in 2013 they once again produced a fantastic report reviewing the dynamics of global and regional business engagement and its impact on employees.

    Whatever your capacity within your company the Blessing White reports are a fantastic tool available to all, will the questions used be a surprise? No! But the results and their influence on business performance will.

    As promised I have also provided you with a brief summary of The DART performance coaching tool and this month the focus is on ‘Acknowledging Behaviour’. Feel free to contact me if you would like more details.

    You can find details on the Blessing White report on the following link:

    Disengaged Cause Drag: Coach Up or Coach Out

    Welcome to step two of DART


    A – Acknowledge Behaviour


    Are they in the right frame of mind to self motivate?


    In many coaching models a development opportunity observed is immediately linked to a potential skill gap without researching the full history of the person being coached. Tenure within role supported by regular observation will provide a manager with a profile of the individual. A performance issue should be cross referenced with history this may highlight an opportunity to praise and develop new skills or a potential behavioural issue that needs addressing rather than a skill gap for development.

    To complete step two of DART managers may need to consider the following.

    • Negative Behaviour
    • Deal with aggression and denial
    • Review company expectations on behaviour and role requirements
    • Gain acknowledgement for the need to change
    • Positive Behaviour


    You may find when dealing with an individual applying new skill sets that these skills require developing; however enthusiasm, commitment and motivation is demonstrated by the bucketful. It is important to praise and recognise this positive behaviour to keep the individual positive throughout the coaching process and on returning to the workplace.    


    Look out for the March blog where we will look at the DART (R) – Review Skills.