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  • Disengaged Cause Drag: Coach Up or Coach Out

    Welcome to the second of my blogs, this will continue the theme from January with focus on people engagement and what it means for business and business performance.  

    To support the key messages for this month I returned to a company that I have found in the past to provide highly effective research on employee engagement and in 2013 they once again produced a fantastic report reviewing the dynamics of global and regional business engagement and its impact on employees.

    Whatever your capacity within your company the Blessing White reports are a fantastic tool available to... Read More

  • Precedo Training & Business Tutoring January 2014

    Welcome to the first Precedo blog I hope you enjoy it. When I first sat down to focus the mind I found an array of topics flying by that dangled the carrot of interest. The England Cricket team and its poor Ashes performance down under being one. A worthy topic; how will our brave lions respond to the ‘Pomme Wash’ or ‘Pomme bashing’ well and truly delivered by the transformed Aussie team? But the headline past me by and I switched direction. 

    Instead I turned to the main topic on everybody’s lips “how do we maintain those resolutions... Read More