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A leading provider of learning solutions supporting Contact Centres, Finance and Insurance environments, Precedo can offer you and your business the training and mentoring tools and techniques to develop a motivated, value added workforce. How?

Communication – The way company employees communicate with each other can make all the difference between efficiency and ineptitude, success and failure, making money or losing it.

Leadership – To connect with your employees it is important to be aware of each individual's needs at the different stages of their development. Providing a range of leadership styles to suit each stage of development will increase employee engagement.

Engagement – What does the business do; where does my area of the business fit in; and what processes and measures are in place to ensure my bit gets done effectively?

Rewards – Find out what Precedo can do to develop your employees and this could be the first step to you investing your resources in your people and reaping the real rewards this can bring you.


  • Bryan Smith, Your Talent Box

    “John is a proven L&D leader with the passion to turn a business brief/TNA into a programme/commercial reality & the design of such programme's are always coupled with a methodical, process driven approach. John played a key role in developing business performance within the Claims Management Centre; even with the most transactional L&D duties he would look for his team to improve the customer experience and affect 'bottom line' impact. The type of individual who lets the results do the talking - I am only too happy to recommend John.”

  • Sarah Ode, Potential Unearthed

    “John is an extremely focussed professional who always gives 100% to any task. During the time that he worked for me, John was a well respected manager and role model to his own team and was a trusted and loyal team member within my business area.”